GelaSkins are a Unique overlay for your iPod, iphone, Laptops or other iPhone accessories. GelaSkins are re positionable and scratch resistant protection. If you own an iPhone or iPod you know how badly they get scratched and the fingerprints are always a bother.
Don’t be confused the GelaSkin overlay is not just some sticker that goes over your phone. This is style infused 3M technology at it’s best.
Gelaskins sent over one of its new skins. Peel 'n' stick covers cut from sheets of 3M Controltac, it goes on easily—not so sticky that it's hard to reposition or push out air bubbles, but sticky enough not to peel when you rub your thumb against the edge. Print quality is excellent, though the glossy surface reveals the underlying material's gridded texture. It's apparently the same stuff that corporate car fleet decals are made from. And while some cuts come with sheets for both sides (such as the Kindle skin), the laptop ones are one-sided. The 11" MacBook Air, for example, has no vents or licensing info underneath and could have done with a "side B" skin so that the whole laptop is protected. That said, this is a relatively inexpensive way to make your computer gear safe from basic scratches and scuffs without adding weight or size: hard to go wrong, given that you can upload your own designs. 

You can find Gealskins online at